Design & Engineering Services

At Contract Manufacturing Partners Inc, we do more than make parts. We will optimize each and every product design for manufacturability.


Design For Manufacturability.

  There are often many different ways to make a part, but only one best way for you. Our engineering team helps you identify the best manufacturing process for a given part design by identifying the best part geometry and material for part production. This way we will reduce manufacturing time and cost.


Prototyping & Testing.

 Working from industry-standard 2D & 3D CAD files, we supply physical prototypes. We use low-volume manufacturing methods, such as machining, 3D printing or injection molding in aluminum tools–to produce fully functional prototypes in end-use materials. Upon request, we can facilitate pre-production testing as well. 


Tooling Development.

 From help with creating a cocept to the production run, we support tooling development for every manufacturing process we offer.